Thankful Thursday: Week 1

Thankful Thursday: Week 1

This November, I want to take each Thursday to focus on one thing I’m thankful for. I invite you to share one thing in the comments each Thursday that you’re feeling particularly thankful for too. I’d love to hear them!

Thankful Thursday: My Support System 

I am so thankful for the many people in my life who are always there for me. If I’m going through something or just need some cheering up, there are many people I can count on to be there for me. Here are a few specifics:

  • Giving Me a Ride: My husband and I share one car which can be difficult to navigate. I am so appreciative of friends and family who offer a ride when I need to go somewhere and don’t have our car. Many times, I don’t even need to ask first! <3
  • Quality Time: If I’ve had a bad day, I can always count on a loved one to be there for me. I often feel better when spending time with someone I love. Most of the time, I’m not looking to problem solve or hash anything out; I just want to spend time with them and get my mind on other things. 
  • Letting Me Do My Laundry: We live in a building with shared basement laundry. I’m thankful it’s in the same building where we live but the washers and dryers are not so powerful and they’re tiny. In addition, each load is quite expensive! My parents and my in-laws are great about allowing us to wash our clothes when we visit. It may seem like a small gesture, but it really is amazing for us! 

Take time to reflect on your own support system. Who can you personally thank today just for being there throughout the years?

Today I want to personally thank all of my friends and family for their love and kindness. Your small acts of love haven’t gone unnoticed. Much love to you all today and always! Thank you Amanda for letting me think out loud!

What small act of kindness makes a big impact in your daily life? Who is your number 1 support?

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Week 1

  1. Love this, Heather. Its incredible how its those “small” things that can really mean the most to us. Having someone give you a ride – and even better, offer it without you asking – is something I am always SO grateful for. I feel like I can never say thank you enough. And before I had free laundry in my building I had a friend who would also let me take my stuff over to her…. such a massive help. I’m sure she didn’t even realize.
    I started a gratitude journal last week and am having trouble staying committed to it. But I really want to. Taking a moment to feel what/who are grateful for is so good for the soul.

    • It really is good for the soul and it brings my mind back down to reality. Sometimes we get lost in our own ideas and thoughts and wants and forget about the simple things we have to be grateful for.

  2. I think one of the biggest things that makes an impact on me from my family is when they offer to do a task when I’m really tired or they just hang out and talk. 🙂 I love how you are so grateful for all of your family and friends. I’m so thankful that God gave us these people to remind me of His love for me.

  3. Heather–I love this idea for a series of posts. I’m also really glad you have such an amazing support system. It’s so common these days for everyone to have a car–often times a family of just two people will have two cars. I don’t think this is inherently evil, but it also is really brave to downsize, especially if you have a support system of people who are willing to help make it work. 🙂

    • Yes, I think people forget that everyone doesnt have their own car. We’re trying to keep it as long as we can since the car is paid off.

  4. I love this idea for November!! You are so right that it is the small gestures that mean so much. I’m the same way about spending time with loved ones when I’ve had a bad day or are going through a tough time. Just hanging out and laughing is the best therapy! In keeping with your theme today, I am thankful for my own family and for all they have ever done for me. I have a very small family, so I am also thankful for my husband’s huge family that took me in as one of their own and have made me feel like I’ve been apart of their family forever. No matter what I need or want, there is always someone there and I’m so thankful to have so much family around us!

    • Sounds like you also have a great support system. I have a small family and my husband has a huuge family too! It was a big adjustment for me, but it can be nice having so many people!

  5. I love this,and I feel like looking at the small things in our lives and realizing all we have to be grateful for is so important.
    Lately I’ve been feeling grateful for my health, my boyfriend, my family and friends, and God!

  6. Being thankful is such an important and beautiful thing! I’m thankful for the kind mail man who always puts my packages in plastic bags when it’s raining. This may seem super minute, but it’s such a sweet gesture 🙂

  7. I hate to admit it, but I’d be a mess without my husband! He does the laundry and most of the house cleaning and will give me rides quite often. I’m so thankful to have such a supportive husband because I want to be a career woman and a wife.
    That’s cool that y’all share a car. We’ve thought about before and may end up doing it if my work is closer to his.

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