Thankful Thursday: Week 2

Thankful Thursday: Week 2

After this crazy election, this week might be extra hard to feel thankful. Quite frankly, I’m surprised and pretty disgusted with the outcome of the election. That being said, I can be grateful that my hope and faith rests in God and not in man. Man will disappoint and fail…we’re human after all! So this week, I will take a step back and remind myself that God is in control and I can rest easy. 

Thankful Thursday: My Faith

I am so thankful for my faith that has helped me get through times of depression, anxiety, and anger. It has guided me through many happy times and many sad times. Here are a few examples where I most felt my faith guide me.

  • Having to Quit Dance: After being a dancer since I was a toddler, I had to quit suddenly due to knee injuries. It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. During that time I was at my absolute lowest and utterly devastated and depressed. I leaned on my faith in this time and after many months (maybe even years) of trusting and trying to move on, I felt at peace. 
  • Loss of Loved Ones: Going through the loss of loved ones is never easy. During those times, my faith got me through the sadness. I found great comfort in prayer and in knowing that they were in heaven. 
  • Uncertain Times: This one rings true to me this week as we move toward a new uncertain future. When life seems out of my control, that’s when my faith guides me. Rather than leaning on my understanding, I simply need to give these things up to God. He is in control and the world is in his hands. 

Final Thoughts:

I hope that these personal stories give some of you comfort this week. I can say with confidence that my faith has made all the difference in hard times. I hope that others may see the light and love within me and that it spreads in a time where hurt and hate seem to spread much faster than love and acceptance. 

Thank you, Amanda for letting me think out loud today!

What do you lean on during hard times?  What are you thankful for this week?

Tell me in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Week 2

  1. I’m working on faith. Sometimes it truly is the only choice. It brings comfort and warmth and love in times that can feel hopeless. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  2. What a great post at a time where it’s hard to keep our chins up in light of the election. It’s so important to remember to have faith especially during the tough times

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