Thinking Out Loud & Favorite Posts

Thinking Out Loud & Favorite Posts

First off, a huge congratulations to my friend Ashley over at A Lady Goes West on her pregnancy announcement! I am so very happy for her and her hubby and I hope you’ll head over and congratulate her today! <3 Today is Thursday so I’m doing some thinking out loud with you and sharing a few recent favorites with you all today. Please share your thoughts and comments below as they are always welcome!

Favorite Posts:

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars via Katalyst Health: I made these last week and man are they delicious! I can’t wait to make them using all kinds of different nut butters and jams! It was husband-approved as well! Healthy baking for the win!
  • Confessions of a Dietitian and Runner via Bucket List Tummy: I loved this because it’s a reminder that food is also meant to be enjoyed and no one is perfect with their eating. I agreed with many if not all of her points in this post! 
  • Where Are You Anchored? via Morgan Manages Mommyhood: This post tugged on my mama-to-be heart strings and I think it’s such a great idea for any special place! Check it out and if you’re like me, make sure a tissue is near by 🙂 

Recent Thoughts:

  • Warm weather=happiness: I am so so happy  that warmth is finally here in Pennsylvania! We’ve had days in the 70’s and 60’s and one random day hit 80! I am one happy gal. The warmth and sunshine definitely puts me in a better mood, gives me more energy, and makes me feel more motivated.
  • Three Hour Glucose Test=Terrible: I failed my one hour glucose test and had to go in for the three hour test. While I don’t know the results yet, I am super thrilled that the test is over! Fasting for 13 hours, drinking a terribly sugary drink, and then getting blood drawn every hour for 3 hours is rough! 
  • Technology Blah’s: I am having a hard time keeping up with the extra blogging work via other modes of social media lately. I think it’s because I’m not feeling too great about being on social media in general right now! Perhaps it’s time for a break…I mean all I see on Facebook is negativity, stupid videos, and things I don’t care about. How do you find the right balance as a blogger on using social media and being an active participant in it while not spending 498 hours working on things!?

I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday, friends. See you tomorrow for a recipe!

Favorite season? Ideal temperature? Moms, did you fail the 1 hour and pass the 3? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud & Favorite Posts

    • I suppose pre-scheduling more things could help but it doesn’t help so much with the interactions and other kind of social media work necessary! It’s hard!

  1. OH BOY. So excited for Ashley! Thank you for sharing that; I hadn’t read her blog in a few days. Also, I loved Sarah’s Confessions post too; it would be fun if we could all do more of those; it really gives a fun peek into people’s lives.

    • Fall is also a lovely season! Summer heat is still my top pick! I did survive somehow without eating–I did however pack a snack in my purse and as soon as the test was done I shoved it in my mouth. Like, I wasn’t even out to my car yet haha!

    • Thank you!! It was a doozy and I actually felt sick the rest of the day! My doctor actually called me a few hours ago and said I passed the three hour! 😀

  2. Wow that test sounds awful. I get one every year and only have to fast for 12 hours which isn’t bad at all. I hope this one goes well! And yes..go on a social media break. I gave up facebook and don’t really use twitter. It’s amazing!

    • Giving up facebook and Twitter sounds pretty awesome! 🙂 The test was not fun but I did make it and had a hearty snack in my purse which I proceeded to shove in my mouth before reaching the car…haha!

  3. Heather!! You are the SWEETEST, friend! Thank you so much! And also … a three-hour test with fasting? That’s cruel. And I’ve got to be honest, there is SO much about social media that can bring someone down. Maybe you need to do some unfollowing? I GET IT! 🙂 Anywho, Happy Thursday!!

    • You’re welcome! So so happy for you 🙂 You’re right about that, maybe I should do some cleaning out of the more negative people!

  4. Social media sucks sometimes especially when everyone seems so sunshine and rainbows when you personally aren’t feeling great. BLAH!
    My favorite season is summer or fall, I just love the colors and food 🙂

  5. The nicer weather is making allll the difference, isn’t it? Its amazing how it can help my mood.
    Social media and blogging. Okay.. yep. Definitely in a struggle over here. Really hating it and not wanting to be on screens anymore – after seeing how clearly it causes anxiety – but yes, if you want to blog, you get so trapped, and can feel so pressured and pulled into it. I’m currently trying to sort out a balance that is best for my health. Ugh that glucose test sounds awwwfullll.

    • Good luck as you also try and find that balance–so hard! The glucose test was awful but I found out last night I passed!

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