Thoughts on a Thursday

Thoughts on a Thursday

I’m feeling pretty scattered and all over the place this week, so why not do some random thinking out loud?! Without further delay:

Thoughts on a Thursday:

  • CHRISTMAS!!!!: anyone else feeling the excitement of Christmas?! I’ve got my apartment all decorated and it’s so cozy! I’m hoping to spend the weekend with lots of Christmas movies and hot chocolate! What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
  • Hot Chocolate: I can’t stop drinking hot chocolate! I love the real dark hot chocolate made with almond or cashew milk. So creamy and delicious. What’s your favorite kind of hot chocolate? 
  • Rude Train Commuters: I am so sick of people being rude on the train while I’m commuting to work. People are slamming doors in your face, cutting you off for a seat, or just being plain rude. We’re all going to work and just trying to get where we need to go. No need for rudeness.
  • Seasonal Beverages: Anyone else get excited when seasonal foods and drinks come out? I’m all for pumpkin season and then get excited for the flavors of Christmas. I’m looking forward to getting some chocolate/peppermint, dairy free nog, gingerbread, and sugar cookie! What food and/or drinks do you most look forward to at Christmas?
  • Family is the best: Over the holiday season, I’m reminded again and again how awesome my family is. I’m feeling very grateful to them and all they do and have done for me on a daily basis. Feeling the love!

Well, that’s all the thoughts I’ve got for you on this random Thursday. Let me know your random thoughts in the comments below! Hope you enjoy the holiday season, friends 😀 

Best seasonal food/drink? Favorite Christmas movie? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. I love how much you are loving hot chocolate right now. It seriously is my comfort drink. I’ve been having it more often than tea now in my evenings. Favorite seasonal flavor would definitely be gingerbread (besides hot chocolate…). I detest eggnog so I just go for everything else sugary 🙂

    • It’s the best drink ever!! 😀 Gingerbread is another great one! I can see why you don’t love eggnog I think it’s one of those take it or leave it things for people.

  2. So so thankful for my family too; I’m thinking about how God sustains us through the trials in life and that this year has been such a wonderful year of learning more hope and joy.

    Have you ever made hot chocolate with coconut milk? Laura from Joy Food has a recipe that looks really good (It’s dairy free).

  3. I love hot chocolate too! That’s my favorite seasonal drink! I am really in the Christmas mood and I am enjoying it immensely. Last year I didn’t get in the Christmas spirit until right before, so I’m ready to enjoy the whole month! I’m with you on being sick of rude people! I work with someone who is so rude that she can’t even smile at you. It gets really annoying!

  4. Love your thoughts on a Thursday! I swear there is nothing more cozy than a decorated house in the Christmas season and cookies baking in the oven! I have been dying to try the Silk Eggnog. Have you had that kind? It sounds oh so tasty!

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