TOL: 10 Random Thoughts

TOL: 10 Random Thoughts

Today I’m joining Amanda and doing some thinking out loud on this lovely (and freezing cold) Thursday! Intros are lame, so let’s get right in to the random thoughts!

10 Random Thoughts

  • Seasonal Foods and Drinks taste better: Whether it’s pumpkin in fall or peppermint and gingerbread for winter, it always tastes better! Kind of like how shaped pasta always tastes better than plain old shaped pasta, am I right?! 
  • Peanut butter M&Ms are life: Has anyone else tried the peanut butter M&M’s yet?! They are seriously addicting and delicious! Go out and buy them, my friends!
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing: I’m feeling the Winter blues kick in majorly recently. I get so itchy to escape somewhere warm and I feel like I need to hide inside. It also makes me feel extra groggy, moody, and at times sadder. Anyone struggling with this have any tips on what helps them?
  • Favorite dinners for a group? I’m hosting a Christmas friends get together this Sunday. There’s going to be six of us and one person doesn’t like cheese. Any ideas on my menu? I was thinking of making black bean enchiladas, rice, chips and guac, and making some enchiladas non-cheese. Any other ideas for a crowd?
  • Finding the perfect lunch spot: I recently found a cute ramen place near my building at work and they have the best food! They have ramen bowls, stir fry, sushi, and fried rice. I’ve been there twice and I can’t stop! 
  • Christmas music calming sessions: After work, it’s so great to come home to a lit Christmas tree and some Christmas music on Pandora. Also amazing are those YouTube fireplaces that you can put on your tv. So cozy!
  • Christmas Movie-thons: I very rarely am in the mood to watch a non-Christmas movie during the month of December. There’s too many Christmas classics to get through! 
  • YouTube Video Overload: I’m loving all of the YouTube “Vlogmas” videos that so many content creators are doing this month. I’m getting behind on all of my subscriptions but it’s great to have so many new videos to watch!
  • Winter facial moisturizer?: Now that it’s freezing out, my face has been so so dry. Anyone have any good sensitive skin moisturizer recommendations? My current moisturizer was good for the warm months but isn’t cutting it anymore!
  • Weekend Plans? What are your plans for the weekend? How early do you start to look forward to the weekend? I’d say I usually start pining for the weekend by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning!

What random thoughts do you have? 

Leave them in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “TOL: 10 Random Thoughts

  1. What are vlogmas!? Never heard of them. Also totally didn’t realize you could get a fireplace off youtube. Do some come with christmas music too? Totally doing this next time I’m home for an afternoon. I also need some good face moisturizer, so if you get a good recommendation, let me know! My weekend plan is finally going out for a real day of “shopping” to pick up any knick/knack loose ends for gifts, and then running back home to hide away from the cold.

    • Youtubers make a vlog every day in December! Could be recipes, ASMR/relaxation vidoes, travel vlogs, etc. depending on the channel! Yes, a lot of the fireplaces have Christmas music with them! Enjoy your shopping and hiding! I’ll be doing the same!

  2. I am definitely feeling the winter blues too! I am in desperate need of a vacation somewhere warm and sunny! For a big crowd I like to do a taco bar. They can fix their own however they like. I just put out all the fixings and then maybe a pan of enchiladas or a taco casserole and beans and rice. It’s easy and everyone can find something!

  3. Random Thoughts: Should I go on a 2 mile run with the husky this morning? Hmmm… I’m so late this morning, but listening to a good sermon and commenting on blogs is worth it.

    And Christmas music is the BEST. It’s so calming to just sit and listen to it and decorate. 🙂 My hands have been so dry. Do you have a recommendation for skin moisturizer?

    • You’re right about that! How cold is it where you live? I’d say no if your weather is as cold as it is here! The high of the day is 21 degrees with single digit wind chills!

      I love the jerkins ultra healing moisturizer for my hands!

  4. When you said you were itchy to get somewhere warm, I first read it as in you are literally itchy–which is also a problem I have this time of year. Such dry skin! 😛 But yes, SAD is definitely a real thing. Getting out in the bright sun in the morning helps a lot, but that’s not easy to do when you have to go to work or school. 🙁
    Have fun with your Xmas get-together with friends. Enchiladas sound amazing.
    Confession: never tried pb m&ms. Now I know.

  5. I start wishing for the weekend usually on Tuesdays! For some reason Mondays always fly by for me, usually because there’s so much to do, so Tuesday when it slows down I start wishing for it!

    As far as your dinner party, I love anything that’s build-your-own. Build your own tacos, sandwhiches, pasta, etc. That way if people don’t want meat or cheese they don’t have to have it! And you don’t have to put forth so much extra effort to make different dishes for people.

    Clinique has amazing moisturizers. Spendy–but SO worth it! A cheaper option I love is a Neutrogena one. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s a white bottle with a lavender/blue colored box on it. It’s super lightweight and works well!

  6. Fun shaped pasta is the only kind I will buy. I spent my childhood with the regular elbows and spaghetti noodles and so now I’m enjoying my adult freedom!
    I am obsessed with these vegan M&Ms called Little Secrets. They have peppermint ones out this time of year and can’t stop at one (…bag)

  7. Mexican is my go-to for a crowd. It seems to make everyone happy. Just make sure the salty tortilla chips are a plenty 😉
    I feel you on SAD. I’ve been so moody lately. I miss the hot summer sun!

    • Very true–you must have the chips a plenty! 😀 I know, we had an icy rain and snow last night and its so gloomy and everything’s a sheet of ice this morning 🙁

  8. I’ve never tried peanut butter M&M’s, but really need to! Who are some of your favorite Youtubers? I like Itsjudyslife, Tanya Burr, and Elle Fowler 🙂

    • I like a lot of the ASMR videos a lot as well as some of the lifestyle and vegan/gluten free channels. I like JessBeautician, Liv’s Healthy Life, Mango Island Mama, GentleWhispering, Lauren Toyota, Hot For Food, etc. So many!

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