TOL: “Breaking Up” with a Blog

TOL: “Breaking Up” with a Blog

Way before I even considered making my own blog, I loved reading other blogs. I’d read blogs about food, fitness, health, life in general. You name it, I loved it! I’m sure my love of reading other blogs is a major reason why I decided to create my own! There are a few things that I look for in a blog and if I’m not able to see these things, I decided to “break up” with them. Why waste time on a blog we aren’t enjoying? Here are some of the things I look for in a blog and I’d love to hear yours!

4 Things I Look For in a Blog:

  • Consistency: I love a blogger who is committed to a posting schedule. Whether they post every day, once a week, or three times a week, I love there to be a consistent pattern. If someone goes away for weeks at a time without notice, I will lose interest and give up!
  • Replies to Comments: This one is big for me! I know that really popular bloggers may not have the time to answer every comment, but I’m turned off by this! I think that if someone takes the time to comment on your blog, it deserves a response! Anyone else?
  • Authentic Content: It’s very easy to tell when someone does not take time to write their posts. Maybe the posts seem generic, shallow, or forced. I love a reader that is real, honest, open, and provides quality content.
  • Variety: I like a blogger who talks about many different topics. I think even within one niche a blogger should have variety in their posts. If every post is the same, I will eventually lose interest and probably stop reading.

What do you look for in a blog? When do you “break up” with a blog?

Tell me in the comments below!

Big Thank you to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud

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27 thoughts on “TOL: “Breaking Up” with a Blog

  1. I know that the “big” blogs can struggle to comment because they have a ton going on, but after 3 or 4 posts with nothing in return I do tend to “break-up” with them. Especially if I am writing out heart-felt comments [more than just a “great recipe!] and they aren’t responding at all. I struggle with commenting too since I have a freelance writing job [and after a long day of writing, MORE writing isnt exactly on my mind] but I do crave that relationship with my readers!!

  2. This has definitely led me to break up with a few blogs. It does have a bit to do with engagement, but most of it is actually the content; if I find I’m not really interested I usually go on to another one.

  3. I’ve stopped reading some blogs if the writer doesn’t seem credible. I think this is the thing I struggle with the most. And food blogs are a hard one to follow long term…..I feel like they start redoing the same recipes.

  4. I’ve had to break up with a few blogs in my day. I hope you never feel the need to break up with my blog–and if you do, let me know, because OBVIOUSLY I need to have a come to Jesus with myself at that time!

  5. I’ve had to break up with some blogs as well… and I really value a blog being authentic and real to what he or she is writing! That’s why I love yours so much Heather, you seem so genuine and you write about what you love! <3

  6. I enjoy when bloggers respond to comments, even if it’s just a few words. However, if the blog is HUGE and gets a million comments, I understand if I’m not responded to. Also, on HUGE blogs I’m less likely to comment. I love blogs that don’t post everyday, but posts good stuff when they do. A few times a week is easier to manage for my reading =P

    • That’s a good point. I actually enjoy the opposite–I enjoy coming to a blog for a little time each day to read it! I don’t like when posts are too long though!

  7. Yes! I can relate to all of these, especially about commenting. I hope this doesn’t sound mean or unthoughtful, but I rarely comment on really popular blogs anymore. I feel like there are so many other commenters and a lack of response, it’s not personal or meaningful anymore.

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