TOL: Christmas Traditions

TOL: Christmas Traditions

Today I’m joining the thinking out loud  party to chat about some Christmas traditions. I’d love to hear your own traditions in the comments below! Traditions are so awesome because they give you something to look forward to, create so many fun memories, and are unique from family to family. Here are a few of my favorite childhood traditions that I hope to continue with my own children in the future. 

Christmas Traditions:

  • Christmas Eve Pajamas: Growing up, we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve which was always from my grandparents. Each year we received a pair of matching Christmas pajamas to wear that night and to wear opening our gifts the next day. It was always fun to see what the pajamas would look like that year! 
  • Candlelight Christmas Eve Service: My church has a beautiful Christmas Eve candlelight service with lots of amazing special music and singing. I love going each Christmas Eve and seeing the sanctuary filled with candlelight while we sing Christmas hymns. 
  • Stockings & Breakfast in Bed: On Christmas morning, my sisters and I would pile in to my parent’s bed and open our stockings! Our parents would bring the stockings up along with a tray of sweet treats for breakfast and we’d eat in their bed as a family! We’d always have the Christmas music on too from my dad’s clock radio!
  • 1 Extra Special Hidden Gift: After opening our gifts under the tree, my parents always had one more gift hidden in the house for us. This gift may have been one for all of us to share or an individual present. Some memorable ones were a sled for all of us hidden in the shower or a piece of paper telling us we’re getting the Disney channel hidden in the dryer! 

Big shout out to my parents for always making each and every Christmas memorable, fun, and magical. I know they worked so hard and made sure we got a few things we wanted. 

Favorite Christmas tradition? Best gift you’ve ever received? Best gift you’ve ever given?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “TOL: Christmas Traditions

  1. Growing up we always went to the candle lit service Christmas Eve then came back and enjoyed a holiday dinner. On Christmas morning my sister and I usually woke up crazy early bc we were so excited and we were allowed to look at our stockings until my parents got up. Then we had a pancake breakfast. I LOVE the PJ idea and hidden present, I am using these when I have children!

  2. These are sweet traditions. I’m not a part of a church anymore, and 99% of the time I don’t miss it–execpt that candlelight Christmas Eve services were such a big part of my Christmas Eves for so many years. That tradition of getting matching pajamas on Christmas Eve is really sweet and fun!

  3. Wowww. My brothers and I would also jump into my parents bed early in the morning (we still do….haha… 5 or more adults in one double bed has become quite the entertainment) but then we go downstairs for stockings and breakfast. You got to have sweet treats IN bed!? That is amazing. Your parents are awesome.
    Our Christmas Eve service is always one of the most special moments for me. So beautiful.

    • That’s fun that you also pile in to the bed! Yes, we were allowed to eat the sweets in their bed! I always felt so cool about that!

  4. These sound like so much fun! I love reading stuff like this and getting to know you better. My family has always done a Christmas breakfast / brunch on Christmas morning. Santa always fills my stocking. Since I’ve been married, we’ve started a tradition of our own. We host Christmas Eve dinner with my in-law’s and exchange gifts then. It’s a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!

  5. Here all this time I thought me and Mom were having all the fun! Yea, it was a blast, wasn’t it? Don’t for get going over to Mom-mom’s and Pop-pops after church for snacks(BIG snacks) I do realize that you didn’t get to do that as long as your sisters did, but you still remember, don’t you? Oh, don’t forget me hollering “WOW, YOU WON’T BELIEVE ALL THIS STUFF DOWN HERE!!!!” when I went down to get ONLY your stockings (AND BREAKFAST) That was a fun tradition, too, wasn’t it???

  6. We used to open a DVD to watch every Christmas Eve but I started the PJs, slippers, and Mug tradition when Aaron and I got married and I LOVE it. This year Annabelle got PJs, the cutest Minnie Mouse slippers that I know she’s going to be obsessed with, a book and a Santa sippy cup, haha. Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning were always a staple, too.

  7. What fun traditions! I love the PJ’s one! My family always has pizza on Christmas Eve, reads the Christmas Story, and opens one present 🙂 Merry Christmas, Heather <3

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