TOL: Thoughts on the Friends That Drifted Away

TOL: Thoughts on the Friends That Drifted Away

  • I still think of them: Do you ever just think back and smile at hilarious moments you shared with friends? I don’t know how I would have gotten through the awkward years of middle school and the long never-ending days of high school without those friends! 
  • Old Memories often make me nostalgic: The truth is once you’re out of school, its never quite the same.  Everyone is working, has families, and commitments, and is short on time. The simplicity of fun weekend sleepovers or after school hangouts are over and often times commitments and to-do lists take over! 
  • I wonder what they’re up to: For the friends who I no longer keep in touch with, I often still wonder what they’re up to. I wonder if they’ve reached the goals they used to dream of, met the person they’ve been looking for, or are happy in their lives. And no, I don’t mean social media stalking…you don’t get the true picture! 
  • Reconnecting is Surprising: Have you ever met up with someone you haven’t seen in years and found yourself surprised? You may see a glimmer of the person you used to know but mostly, they’re different. Nothing can change a person quite like time. 
  • I still wish them the best: No matter how different I am from them, no matter how much we don’t have in common anymore, I still wish them the best. After all, these long-lost friends made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, sat with me when I cried, listened to my hopes and dreams, and got me through some tougher days. I will forever be grateful for them.

Big thank you to Amanda for letting me think out loud today! 

Do you have friends you’ve lost touch with? Thoughts? 

Tell me in the Comments below!

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10 thoughts on “TOL: Thoughts on the Friends That Drifted Away

  1. This is something I resonate with so much. I don’t hold any grudges against them, because grudges are NEVER helpful and always hurtful. The way you think of old friends is very loving and caring, and it really speaks of God’s love towards us. We can’t remain close friends with everybody, but it’s always good to re-connect for a bit and just discover that we’ve changed, and be happy and joyful for them on their new path!

  2. I love this post–it totally takes me back to a place in time that I don’t think I’ve visited in years. I have definitely lost touch with many friends. I went away to college and then moved out of state, so friends have come and gone in my life. I figured that it was the norm for the lifestyle I had chosen to live. Now, when I make friends and I vowed to hold onto them as long as they will have me. Friends fill a place in your heart that no one else can fill 🙂

    • Love how you put that–hold on to them as long as they will have you. Yeah, definitely with a lot of movement is a lot of change of friends!

  3. I really resonate with this Heather. Looking back on old friendships can make me sad sometimes knowing that we just sorta grew apart. I always tell myself everything happens for a reason though. And like you mentioned, I don’t hold grudges against them! I just move on 🙂

    • Yeah! I feel like it also happens when people get spread out because of jobs. Saying that you will keep in touch is much easier than it actually is!

  4. Love this post!! I grew up with 5 girls who were my best friends until after college when everyone got married and moved away. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them! It is so different now when you see them. None of us are the same anymore. But they will always hold a special place in my heart.

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