TOL: GF Cereal Taste Test

TOL: GF Cereal Taste Test

When you are new to a gluten free diet, it may feel really restrictive and hard. One of the more challenging purchases would be cereal as most contain wheat. I’ve always loved cereal as a snack or dessert, so I knew giving it up completely would never be in the cards. Today, I’m doing a little taste test of 4 easy to find gluten free cereals! You’re welcome for sparing you the cash, time, and effort! 

  • Cocoa Safari Crunch: I’ve mentioned this one before as a favorite of mine. Similar to cocoa puffs but better because it contains real cocoa and doesn’t contain the questionable ingredients of cocoa puffs. I love it as a sweet treat at night. I highly recommend this cereal to any chocolate lovers out there! Overall 10/10

Cocoa Safari Crunch

  • Honey Crunch: I thought that this sounded really delicious but was sorely disappointed. I don’t mind it mixed with other cereal, but by itself it is bland and tastes like cardboard. It gets extremely soggy no matter how quickly you eat it too which is no good in my book. I wouldn’t really recommend this cereal, especially not if you’re looking for a sweet treat! Overall 4/10

Honey Crunch

  • Berry Vanilla Puffs: I love berry and vanilla together so I was pretty excited to pick up this cereal. Overall there is a lot of berry flavor which I enjoyed, but not a lot of vanilla. I wish that the vanilla flavor was a little more intense because all I was getting was the berry. Berry flavor was good but not great because it has a slight fake berry after taste. I’d recommend it if you love fruit loops because the taste was similar. Overall 6/10

Berry Vanilla Puffs

  • Indigo Morning: I really really loved this one! The berry flavor was really good and there was no fake after taste. I also loved that there were real chunks of berries in the cereal and not just the flavor of berries. I would definitely buy this one again! Overall 10/10

Indigo Morning

I hope this helps any gluten free eaters in their quest for delicious cereal! Let me know of any of your favorites in the comment section below and I’d love to give them a try! A big thank you to Amanda for letting me think out loud today! See you tomorrow for a delicious recipe!

Favorite GF cereal? Do you like cereal for dessert? Favorite non-dairy milk with cereal? (Mine’s almond)

Tell me in the Comments Below!

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25 thoughts on “TOL: GF Cereal Taste Test

  1. Thank you for this!! I have yet to branch out into the gluten free cereal world because 1] its expensive and 2] Im afraid it’ll taste like cardboard and not be worth the $5.

    • haha, you’re so accurate in this! Indigo Morning is definitely worth the price I’d say. It’s a really great treat!

  2. I LOOOVEE cereal for dessert. 🙂 We do buy honey nut cheerios, because they are gluten free now which is pretty amazing! I’m glad you shared this, so I know what to pick up as a treat for my dad next time I go to the store. 🙂

    • Is your dad gluten free? Yes, honey nut cheerios are also one of my favorites. The chocolate cheerios are also gluten free!

  3. I never eat cereal! I think I need to try these though because I’m so lazy about breakfast and this would make it a lot easier to get something yummy. I’ll definitely try the cocoa puffs!

    • Yes, the safari crunch one is so great. It also turns the almond milk in to chocolate almond milk which is so delicious!

  4. I love soy milk with cereal. This is kind of weird, though, but I don’t actually like sweetened cereal. I’d have to say my favorite gf cereal is…Cheerios. I don’t even like the sweetened kinds like Honey Nut or Multigrain or Chocolate. Just plain Cheerios. How lame is that? I think it’s awesome that you eat cereal for dessert! Sounds delicious to me.

    • Thats okay, Joyce! Sometimes simple is the best and most delicious! I dont buy soy milk as often as almond, but its definitely a nice change of pace when I havent had it for a while!

  5. Nice! Thanks for this Heather! I don’t need to be gluten free, but I do like to keep my foods well balanced so often do pick up gluten free cereals (plus I love corn cereals for the crunch so these tend to automatically be GF). My favorite cereal I’d have to say is Barbara’s Peanut butter Puffins! Or – similar to the Indigo Morning – Kashi’s plain corn flakes. HUGE necessity for me is that it stays crunchy even after putting it with milk. So I’d be totally with you that the one that went soggy right way would be a definite WOMP.

  6. I am so excited to have found this because my husband and I spent forever in the local whole foods grocery store looking at all the options and we felt overwhelmed. This is very helpful!

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