TOL: You Know You’re a Blogger When…

TOL: You Know You’re a Blogger When…

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

  • You stop what you’re doing to write down your post idea when you get the BEST IDEA EVER
  • When the time comes to write said post, you stare at your random post idea and wonder what you meant by that one random word
  • You narrate your thoughts and/or recipes to practice your wording for a post 
  • You take pictures of food…all of the time
  • You don’t allow anyone to touch their food until you’ve taken the most perfect food photo possible 
  • You love reading other people’s blogs and spend hours a week doing it
  • You use most of your free time working your butt off to promote, network, and market your blog
  • You often say “That would make a great blog post” 
  • You will adjust the angle of your coffee mug for 5 minutes so it’s Insta-ready
  • The blogging community has become a group of friends and not just “other bloggers” 

Your turn…in the comment section below, fill in the blank:

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

Thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud!

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25 thoughts on “TOL: You Know You’re a Blogger When…

  1. bahaha I often been left with a cold plate of food or cold mug of coffee due to one too many picture snaps. So worth it though 😉

  2. Agree, agree agree! My husband hates how he can’t touch his food until I get the most perfect picture! I feel like I know so many bloggers in real life just by reading their blogs. I would also add that you rush home to make sure you can get good photos with natural light for your recipes!

  3. Bahhaha love this. Between babies and trying to take pictures of my food, I don’t know the last time I’ve eating something right after I made it. Also, staring at a scribbled set of words trying to remember what I meant = my life story.

  4. “you narrate your thoughts and/or recipes to practice your wording for a post” -> that is so me! I feel like I’m narrating my life so much now that I spend a lot time writing!
    I think mine would probably having to justify the millions of pictures I take by saying “it’s for the blog!”

    • haha glad im not the only narrator 😀 Agree with the pictures one too–you never know which ones going to turn out the best!

  5. Oh dear the adjusting of the coffee mug! Make it stop!!! Hahaha.
    Rushing home in the winter to take your picture of dinner and then eating it cold an hour later…. le sigh.
    Feeling like you know someone and seriously having to take a moment to realize you’ve never met them in person.

  6. I do all of those things, and I should be in bed, and I’m too tired to think of anything else unless it may be that I work much later than I should every night doing all those things you mentioned.

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