TOL: Secrets From a Migraine Sufferer

TOL: Secrets From a Migraine Sufferer

Since cutting out Gluten I’ve not experienced many migraines at all. However, I still get them more than the average person would. Today, I’m sharing some common misconceptions. Hopefully this will help non-migraine sufferers understand things bit more and any migraine sufferers to know they’re not alone. 

  • We can’t Sleep it off: Migraines can last for days. The pain may come in waves and stick around for days at a time. Going to sleep is often impossible because the head is pounding so uncomfortably. If you’re wondering if you’ve ever had a migraine, you probably have not experienced one.
  • Medicine May not Help: Typical over the counter medicine for regular headaches will not work at all. Other stronger medicine is often really hard on the stomach, makes the person drowsy, or makes a person overly hyper and jumpy. Strong side effects may not be worth it to the person with the migraine.
  • Everyone Experiences a Migraine Differently: Migraine symptoms can’t always be placed in a box and it’s not always the same for every person. Some people get really nauseous, some people lose sight in their eyes, some people get it on the top of their heads while others get it behind their eyes. Don’t expect everyone’s migraines to look and sound the same.
  • Migraines are debilitating: We aren’t flaking out on plans when we say we have a migraine. We aren’t skipping out on work for fun. We don’t just have a “headache”. We can’t always work through the pain. During some really bad migraines, all I was able to do was lay down in total darkness with a washcloth over my eyes. 
  • Don’t Tell Us that “We Should Try XYZ”: Everyone’s migraine triggers are very different so no one trick will do from person to person. Often times, the person does know their triggers and may not always be able to control them. IE: if it’s hormonal, they didnt drink enough water, they ate something without knowing, etc.

Have you ever had a Migraine? What do people often say to you? Non-Migraine sufferers, is it hard to know what to say or do to someone who has a migraine?

Tell me in the comments below!

Big Thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud

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18 thoughts on “TOL: Secrets From a Migraine Sufferer

  1. For the past few years (probably since I started working and have to stare at a screen for hours each day), I’ve been experiencing migraines as well. I always know when they’re coming because I start to get spots in my eyes, then I black out 90% of my vision, then the pain and nausea comes. My mom always told me that I just had headaches and migraines were more serious, but I’m starting to think that these might be migraines too, even if I’ve never been properly diagnosed. The best thing for me is to drink lots of water and try to go somewhere dark and close my eyes for a while. I also notice that my diet helps a lot in preventing them..every time I do whole30 I don’t get any!

    • That definitely sounds like a migraine! I definitely started having migraines when my computer usage was an everyday thing. I wish we didnt have to stare at a screen all day! I definitely agree that diet can play a huge part in migraines for me. Since cutting out gluten, i really dont have migraines much.

  2. I played soccer with a girl who would get migranes so bad she would black out. We would be in the middle of a soccer tournament and her mom would come to the field to tell us she couldn’t play because of her migrane. At first I never really understood [I was only 14!] but then I was with her once when she had one and she just looked so….miserable. After that I stopped judging other people for their illnesses or symtpoms that I had never experienced or dealt with!

    • ugh that sounds so horrible. I think its hard for kids and adults to understand…you sound like a greatly compassionate and understanding lady though! <3

  3. I have had some migraines, and they are not fun at ALL. My brother and mom get them more than me which I feel so bad about. It sucks sometimes because there really is nothing you can do besides just let them run their course!

  4. Thankfully I’ve never had one (knock on wood), and I won’t pretend to know how awful they are. I’m always intrigued by diseases and health conditions that we haven’t figured out yet. I WANT TO CURE THEM ALL.

  5. I’m so glad that cutting out gluten helped you! I had migraines in college and they were awful! My doctor gave me a prescription which helped sometimes, but not always. I was like you and had to lay in the dark with a wet rag on my head. I also would get very nauseous. Since college, I have probably had less than 10. I don’t know what the trigger is, but I guess I’m doing something right now!

  6. YES to all of this! I’m always annoyed when I’m told “oh, go take a 20 min nap then” like that will solve it. For me, they last usually around 3 days and they are awful. Naps don’t help and neither does the prescription medicine I have. Luckily I’ve figured out my triggers a little better lately so I get them less often, but still no fun!

  7. I used to have migraines every once in a while, but since cutting out gluten, I have not had one. I get headaches every now and then, but they are totally manageable compared to migraines. Glad you aren’t having as many anymore now that you have cut out gluten.

    • Yes, it’s been a miracle! I’ve had maybe 3 in the past 3 months which is waaay better than before. I used to get like 2 a week when i was eating gluten!

  8. I hit my head really hard when I was 7 and since then I’ve suffered from migraines. I remember spending one summer break in bed nearly everyday with a migraine 🙁
    It’s crazy how much food can make a difference. Since cutting out meat I have had far less migraines, and you mentioning how you have had less since switching to gluten free.
    I feel your pain!

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