TOL: Young Face Probs

TOL: Young Face Probs

Today I’m Thinking Out Loud with Amanda and talking about looking younger than you are! For anyone wondering, I’m going to break it down for ya…here’s what happens to me on a daily and I mean DAILY basis! 

  • Drinking or buying alcohol: I have to sign like 3 extra forms stating that Yes, I’m really over 21 and yes, I am legally purchasing this alcohol. This is after being side-eyed by the cashier for 3-6 minutes, checking my ID 8 times, and then looking at me like a criminal. Same goes with ordering a drink at a restaurant…sometimes I don’t order a drink because I don’t want to deal with the hassle!
  • Explaining I’m a Real Grown-Up:  I can’t just have a chat with someone who doesn’t know me well… about bills, life, marriage, etc. without having to first tell them that yes, I am in fact a grown-up. Once, I was ordering fish at the grocery story and he asked me how I was doing. I replied saying pretty good no complaints or something of that nature. He then laughed and asked me if I “even had anything to worry about” and if “I even had any bills to pay.” GIVE ME MY FISH FILLET,SIR! 
  • Being Talked Down to: I often get the “let the adults chat” type of a feel when I’m talking to others. At work, if someone has a question, they will often ask someone standing near by rather than me because they think I’m incapable. I feel a great lack of respect in the working world simply because I look young.
  • I’m Not Taken Seriously: This is another big one, especially in the working world. My work and thoughts are not always taken as seriously as someone else’s work…even if mine may be better! Also, cut it out with the honey, sweetie, baby names…unless you’re my husband! And no, work attire does not save me from this either. I think many people look at me and think “kid” rather than “colleague”. 

Do you feel judged by your appearance or age? Do you get mistaken for a teenager?

Tell me in the comments below!

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28 thoughts on “TOL: Young Face Probs

  1. Haha! The buying alcohol one yes, as I just turned 21 last month! Although restaurants haven’t been carding me lately. I’ve also been sitting at the “kid’s table” at family parties ever since I can remember and I still haven’t moved up yet….it’s a little annoying!

  2. Haha I can so relate to this! My boss always says I look like I’m 15 even though I’m almost 20. I am still at the kids table at parties too. I feel like I always will be!

    • haha, yes my boss was telling a story and said like “some guy who was probably only like 25 didnt know what i was talking about” I was like…umm thats how old i am too. Awkward!

  3. When I was working, I worked in an office of woman where the YOUNGEST was 20 years older than me. I started there as an intern, so everyone watched me work my way in, graduate, get married, get pregnant – and I was STILL treated like the smallest of small children. It made it VERY easy to not return there.

  4. I totally always get mistaken for about 12 or 13, and I’m 22. :o) I’ve learned and am learning to use it to make people laugh… Thankfully I usually have my ID so I can convince them if they aren’t convinced. 😀

  5. Bahah – I totally relate to ALL of this! One guy used to call me “kiddo” regularly in my old office gig and it drove me INSANE! (When I quit, I casually dropped that it was almost my 30th birthday and he stopped by my desk to tell me that he was floored when I said my age, ha!)

    Some tricks that I learned that may or may not help:
    – I seriously started wearing my glasses and little to no makeup to the office and noticed an instantly more professional tone from my co-workers. Maybe older people care less or something?
    – Whatever room I walked into, or conversation for phone calls, I instantly asserted myself. Even if it’s something as simple as saying hello to whomever leads the meeting or being comfortable enough to say hello to a “higher up” in the office, it made a big difference.

    Now, in the blogging world, I feel like I’m on the older side, which is such a hilarious switch. Eek!

    Good luck!

    • o0o0o thanks for the tips! I do have glasses but never wear them to work–ill have to try this! I get the kiddo thing too–i think some people in my office legit think im a student intern or something haha!

      You’re beautiful and not too old for blogging, Jessica! Dont even say that! <3

  6. I’m 31 and people still think I’m in my early 20’s. No one has ever been able to believe me when I tell them how old I am, so you’re definitely not alone! Maybe we’ll appreciate it more when we’re 60 and look like we’re 40 😉

  7. Story of my life! I’m 24, yet people at work are constantly asking if I’m heading to college or uni this year.
    Like, been there done that. YEARS AGO!

    I guess we’ll be the lucky ones in the end though. While others are spending a fortune on anti aging cream, we’ll still look like we’re 30 😉

    • haha yep! If im not wearing makeup and run out to the store, I’ll even get the what high school do you go to question. Im like…umm i graduated high school almost a decade ago!!! Cheers to hoping we will be the lucky ones!

  8. I get this all the time and I don’t think I look that young. More than once people have made comments to Jeremy about his “daughter”! Lol it makes him so mad that people think he’s my dad. My 16 yr old cousin and I get told we look just alike all the time! I’ll take it, but it does get frustrating when I’m not taken serious because I’m either a) a woman, or b) people think I’m really young. And I really hate it when someone younger than me calls me hon or dear! (Happened today and I’m sure the girl was in high school!) but overall now that I’m out of my 20s, it doesn’t bother me as bad as it used too. Now it makes me feel good! Lol.

    • I’m not there yet, I feel more frustrated as the years go on! I think mostly because I can feel that I’m being treated less and like a child in professional settings…so frustrating! omg thats so awkward that they say hes your dad! Thats awkward for everyone involved!

  9. Story. Of. My. Life.
    I look very young, but I speak and act very maturely – so I tend to confuse people. I think every day at work I face some sort of, “yeah well how old are you – 17?” comment. I turn 27 next week. I’ve learned to just brush it off and feel thankful that this is all going to work in my favor when I’m 60.
    They’re all just jealous.. 🙂

    • haha yes, i get the same. I dont talk and act as young as people think i am plus i also have a wedding band on. They are very confused!

  10. Bwahahahahahaha! I’m laughing, not at you, but at how often this happens to me. At this YMCA where I’m working for the summer, so many of the staff are 18-19, some even younger. Whenever I say anything about teaching or graduate school or my most recent full time job, they look at me like, “Really?” And yes, I do sometimes feel like I’m being treated like a kid when I’m in the company of adults I don’t know that well. It’s really annoying. I’m almost 24 years old, darn it!

    • haha…we have to laugh, dont we!! What else can we do?! There’s nothing more annoying than being treated like a child!

  11. YES, This! All of this. At least you know you’re not alone! lol My favorite is when I was about to graduate college and someone asked me if I was in drivers ed yet. I’ve also been asked if my parents were home at the house my husband and I owned. And once I actually had a store refuse to not only sell me alcohol (and accuse me of having a fake license) but also wouldn’t sell it to my husband because he was with me and they said they knew he was going to give it to me. To which I replied “I’d hope so, I’m his WIFE”. We still went home without the wine <– Not happy ha. Anyway, I could rant in your comments for hours probably.

    • omg these are all such great examples…ugh! I have gotten the “Are your parents home” thing too. I’m like nope, home alone right now…and my HUSBAND who also lives with me in this establishment that WE PAY FOR…ugh! hahaha

  12. I’m only 17, but sometimes I feel like people look down on me because of my youth. I know I have a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. One time I went to get a free sample (at the grocery store) and they looked at me and said that my mom/dad needed to be present..? What? Oh well, I got my free cracker in the end, haha.

    Edye |

    • Wow that’s annoying!! That happened to me once when I was 17 and I wanted to try a coffee sample. They told me that my mom needed to be present since there was caffeine in the drink. Theres caffeine in soda too?! what the heck! hahaha as you can see, im still annoyed years later!

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