Secrets from an Introvert

Secrets from an Introvert

  • I hate when people constantly ask if I’m okay. Of course saying this is fine if you really feel something is wrong. HOWEVER, an introvert is often more of a listener in a social situation. We’re probably listening and taking everything in and it may come off as sad and quiet. 
  • It’s frustrating when people tell me that I need to get out more:“Going Out” often feels stressful and like a chore. We probably feel happiest, most comfortable, and have the most fun at home. Whether it be cooking, reading, watching movies, or listening to music, everything is better at home 🙂
  • I hate crowds: I love hanging out with close friends, with close family, with my husband, even with a small group. BUT once there’s a big crowd, I get super anxious. I get anxious, moody, tired, and very quickly start craving time in a smaller group and time alone. It’s extremely draining. 
  • My close friends & family are everything: I don’t like hanging out in large groups, but my small group of close knit friends and family mean everything to me. I love spending time with them and care for them deeply.
  •  I have felt older than I am my whole life: Perhaps part of this is because I’m the youngest of the family and had many friends older than me. But, I’ve often felt older and more mature than people my age my whole life. Luckily, I found a husband who was on the same page with getting married right out of college <3
  • I do not get bored easily: I find it easy to keep entertained. Whether it’s listening to music, exercising (I also work out at home), cooking, or just relaxing with a movie, I’m satisfied. I don’t need or want to go out to be entertained 24/7. I’m not sure the last time I ever even uttered that I was bored. 

Extroverts, do you have a hard time understanding introverts?

Introverts, what am I missing on this list?

Tell me in the comments below!

Big thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud

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25 thoughts on “Secrets from an Introvert

  1. I usually score close to 50/50 on the personality test for introvert and extrovert. Over the last few years I’ve become more of an extrovert. One thing I can agree with you with is I never get bored unless I’m forced to pay attention to something. I’m really good at keep myself entertained too!
    I think it’s good to both embrace our natural tendencies, but also challenge ourselves when we need to. I’m glad you have a close group of friends because when I was in my most introverted days it was so hard to put myself out there.

    • Yes, I definitely do things when I dont necessarily want to to force myself to be more social. Sometimes I do end up having a great time. Other times, not so much. I think I’m a bit of a mix depending on the situation. I’m sure no one is perfectly in one category!

  2. Oh my gosh I absolutely relate to every one of these! I HATE when people tell me to get out more. I need my “me” time! But at the same time, just because we are quiet or reserved doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy going to parties or bars, etc. We just need to have a good balance of socializing and being by ourselves.

  3. Yes i love this so much…the “are you ok” makes me nutty in so many situations. I’m just listening and enjoying myself, but now I feel uncomfortable and like I need to have a 24/7 smile.

    Oh ps – your click to tweet has ” around your handle

    • hahaha…thats hilariously true! Hmm…I’m not sure how to fix that tweet issue im new to twitter. Thanks for letting me know, ill look in to it!

  4. I can so relate to all of these things! You hit the nail on the head!! I am actually quite social when I am comfortable, but I am fine not leaving the house for days and I can keep myself entertained easily for hours, whereas my husband needs something new to do every 10 minutes. 🙂

  5. Feeling older is definitely something I can relate to! I’ve actually always felt super disconnected from most people my age because we never really shared any common ground. And heck yes to never really getting bored. I don’t even really get that stir crazy when I don’t leave the house for a long time.

    • Yes, I definitely agree with you on the disconnect with people your age! I feel like hanging out with older people doesnt matter as much once youre an adult..which is good!

  6. YESSSSS. Oh yes, girl. Alex will ask me if I’m okay all.the.time. and it drives me insane. And yes! Going out is often more stressful than staying in. Even sometimes I make plans witha friend and I dread going, up until I’m actually there and I’m like, oh, thank God I did this. Confusing.

    • Yes! I do the same thing. I don’t feel like going even if i originally made the plans! Then, I’m happy I did it later. Sometimes though, I’m just like…yes, i want to go home. haha… most of the time if its with friends though, I end up happy I went!

  7. So the older I get the more I realize I’m an introverted extrovert…like big parties of people who are friends-ish, a-okay. A huge crowd of people at an event that are all just bumbling around like idiots? Not okay. Super draining.

    But I agree that I’ve always been way older than my age & I think it’s why I’m friends with most of my friends parents too. And sometimes hang out with them instead. Haha

  8. I think you have a good balance of hanging out and hanging in. The only one who knows what is good for you is you. If you feel like you have a balance, who cares what everyone else thinks? I have reached an age that I really don’t care as much as I used to what people think. And I always figured a few close friends are better than a room full of people who don’t really care. And my fam is #1 for me.

  9. This topic is great! I actually have a post that I’ve been working on about this. I think I’m both – but probably more of an introvert. It just depends on the situation and the people and if I’m comfortable with it or not. I like the comment about an introverted extrovert. I think that describes me perfectly! It is so interesting to me how different people are and it makes me wonder if we are attracted to the opposite of ourselves. My husband is an extrovert and is always on the go, whereas I can keep myself entertained for hours and like to be home. It also makes me wonder why we change back and forth. I used to be a huge extrovert, but as I’ve gotten older, my introvert side has taken over. It’s interesting to think about!

  10. You know what? I love introverts, because they’ve actually taught me to do these things more, and I’ve become more of an introverted extrovert, which has actually really lowered my expectations on friendship. As a child, I really idolized my friends, and I think it hurt my friendships and the way I loved my friends. My friendships were more selfish, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the value of the few relationships that I do have that have lasted like my family and close friends. Honestly, though I love meeting new people, I do get overwhelmed by large crowds. Cities or countryside? I would pick countryside any day. I think that’s why I craved the countryside when we were in Ireland over Dublin. Introverts have taught me the value of simplicity, of not having HUGE expectations of getting to do all these things and go all these places. I think they’ve actually taught me to love and be content with being at home. Now I crave being home and just doing simple things. It’s amazing how we can change. <3 I LOVE introverts so much because they've taught me so much… <3 I'm glad God made extroverts and introverts. 🙂

    • It is amazing how we change! When I look back to certain times in my life, I’m almost a different person! Crazy how we change and grow over time!

  11. I’m an ambivert, and can go either way, but I’m becoming more introverted every day as I stay home more. I really don’t like to go out anymore, but I used to. It just may be that I’m getting close to my last quarter of life and just am not as confident socially as I used to be.

    • Yes, I think if I stay home for longer periods of time, I’m more likely to just want to stay home. Sometimes I try to push myself to get out here, I usually end up having fun!

  12. I get pretty annoyed when people respond to doing something by yourself – going to a movie, going out for dinner, or just staying home alone etc. – as a “awwww poor you” kind of moment. Like they feel sorry for me being alone. I friggen LOVE going to movies alone, or spending my afternoon in a cafe alone, and if I have the opportunity to be alone at home, it feels so special. I very much know that I need alone time to recharge my batteries. Too much being around people will literally drag me down, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s a tough balance to figure out sometimes, that’s for sure.

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