Weekend Wedding Recap

Weekend Wedding Recap

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I hope it was fun and relaxing and that you are all ready to conquer another work week. As I mentioned in Friday’s postone of my good friends got married on Saturday. Today I’m popping in to share some of the fun that we had at the wedding! 

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

The ceremony and reception took place in one location which was awesome. It’s always nice to not have to travel in between and just enjoy being in one place. It was a boathouse on the water and it was really beautiful! The ceremony was short and sweet, about 20-30 minutes, and then it was on to cocktail hour! Seeing her walk down the aisle was my favorite part of the ceremony. Her dress was perfect for her and looked amazing! I was absolutely stunned at how beautiful she looked. 

Cocktail hour was in an area down the hall from the ceremony space and they had a vegetable platter, dip, bruschetta, bread, cheese, and fruits. I had some veggies and brushetta on gluten free crackers and had some wild woman ginger ale on the side! There was a lovely deck overlooking the sunset and the water but I opted to stay indoors where it was warm. My husband has a thicker skin than I with the cold, and took the lovely sunset photo you see as the featured image on this post!


Once cocktail hour was over, we were taken in to the main venue space. I loved the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling and the large wall of windows overlooking the water. Her theme was sunflowers and I think she did such an amazing job sprinkling them throughout the space. The centerpieces were three wine bottles tied with ribbon and filled with natural looking flowers which I loved. 

We enjoyed listening to toasts and watching the dances. I especially loved their first dance as husband and wife and loved all of the little dips and twirls and moves they did!

After those formalities, we were able to hit the buffet. I went for salad, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and salmon. So yummy! 

After our bellies were full, we enjoyed watching some dancing and I chatted with our table and Daniel.We were also sure to take advantage of the photo booth for some funny pictures! Before we knew it, the cake was cut and we dug in to the desserts. She had a layer of the cake totally gluten free, so I definitely enjoyed some of that chocolate cake!

On the way out, we grabbed our favors which were a selection of popcorn with different flavors/add-ins. So good and I ate some in the car! 

I am so happy that I was able to be there on her big day and honored to have been invited. I wish her and her new husband the best wishes and love as  they start their new life together as husband and wife!

Favorite wedding food? Cake or mini-desserts? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Wedding Recap

  1. Oh my gosh I need to know these people! They have SUNFLOWERS on their cake! And kudos to them for providing a layer of gluten free! Annnddddd flavored popcorn!? Geez louise these people rock.
    It sounds beautiful. I never used to think I’d be a “wedding” person but now they sure pull at my heart strings.

    • Isn’t it? They had like coconut oil, coconut flakes ones and chocolate chip, and also chocolate covered peanuts which was so good!!

  2. A boathouse on the water sounds like an amazing place to celebrate a wedding. The atmosphere must have been one of a kind and the sunflower theme so beautiful. Also, your friend was so thoughtful to make sure one layer of her wedding cake was gluten-free. Not something I’ve ever heard anybody do here. Then again, I don’t think celiac’s is as common over here.

  3. Ok so that is so sweet how there were so many gluten free options; the cake looks BEAUTIFUl, and it sounds good. My favorite part of the receptions is always watching people do the dancing. I’m not a great dancer myself, but it’s so fun to watch!

  4. Awww! This looks like such a perfect wedding! I loved all the simple touches- the centerpieces were gorgeous and the party favors are genius. Also- you two look so happy! I love cake and mini bites- but if I had to choose I love sampling a little bit of everything!! I would choose cake over cupcakes though!

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