WIAW: 17 Weeks Pregnant

WIAW: 17 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well so far, friends. Today I’m sharing a day of eating from last week at 17 weeks pregnant. Turned out to be quite a random day of eats! Onward to the food!


GF Bagel with vegan cream cheese. I got a different brand of cream cheese and this one is not nearly as good as the coconut one. I’m sticking with the Go Veggie brand next time! I also had a glass of green juice which had Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple, and a bunch of greens. 


Got hungry again around 11, so I reheated the last leftover egg cup and breakfast potatoes from the day before. Egg cup had spinach, bell pepper, onion, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Breakfast potatoes were made with pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, and dill. 

I also had a decaf coffee with coconut milk creamer in it with a side of blanket and couch time.


After a lovely prenatal workout, I was hungry for lunch. This salad was made with quinoa, spinach, mandarin oranges, blueberries, green apple, red onion, and avocado with some strawberry vinaigrette dressing. A Gluten free roll made by my sister-in-law was also consumed on the side! 


Daniel and I went over to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for dinner and to hang out with my niece! My brother in law made us some tacos, rice, and homemade tortilla chips. Everything was delicious! 


I ended my day with some GF/Dairy free chocolate cake, Vanilla coconut ice cream, and peanut butter. The cake was a random store find and it was pretty good! Perfect with the ice cream on top!

Favorite dessert? Ever eat 2 breakfasts in a day?

Tell me in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “WIAW: 17 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Psh I totally eat 2 breakfasts almost daily!! I have a pre-gym breakfast and a post gym breakfast – most often rice cakes before with fruit and then a smoothie and eggs post! Sometimes it changes depending on the time I have and the workout that I do though 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh your second breakfast. How do you always get your potatoes so perfect!? You are the potato queen, officially. What an interest mix of spices… but I love it. And am going to steal it :).
    Homemade tortilla chips and gf chocolate cake? All in all this day of eats is freakin’ stellar.

  3. YES! When I go running in the morning I eat a second breakfast about 60% of the time. Usually a piece of loaded toast before hand and then something else afterwards. 🙂 And have you heard of Kite Hill Cream Cheese? I think it’s vegan.

    • Thank you! This one was Follow Your Heart…it’s a soy base and to me it had a weird aftertaste. The Go Veggie tastes a lot better! Do you have a kind that you like?

  4. Love putting quinoa in my salads. I definitely eat 2 breakfasts often. 🙂 I would love to see a post about your pregnancy workouts (are they different than your normal workouts? is it hard to find the motivation to workout? how often are you able to workout?). Just a thought if you need an idea for a post! Have a great day!!!

    • Glad I’m not the only 2 breakfast fan! 😀 My workouts and workout routine is definitely different! Great idea–I’ll work on post talking about this!

  5. My mom used to always eat two breakfasts. Now she just usually does. I used to eat two breakfasts too, although lately I’ve been getting up late enough that by the time I’m hungry for second breakfast, I’d have to call it lunch. :S That’s what grad school will do to you.
    Looks like you were able to get down a full day of normal meals. Yay! Have you been doing okay on the nausea?

    • I usually have a hearty snack around 10 so I guess I kind of have two breakfasts too haha. I’ve been feeling a lot better!

  6. LOVE your WIAW!!!!!! Those potatoes sound so delish and easy!!! Sounds like your appetite has been much better than at the beginning too! Favorite dessert: Oh man, this is so hard for me. Probably cheesecake! 2 breakfasts in one day: Yes! Probably more than I’d like to admit 😉 I get on kicks where I’ll have egg white omelettes with tons of veggies for dinner almost every night until I get sick of them! Have a great weekend, Heather!!!!

    • Yes, my appetite is pretty roaring these days..I’ve missed it! That’s actually one of my favorite dinners too! I had pancakes tonight though–same theme!

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