WIAW: 24 Weeks Pregnant

WIAW: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a day of food from last week when I was 24 weeks pregnant. This day was captured on a snowy sleety Friday when I worked from home. Side note: eating at home is so much better than eating out of Tupperware containers…isn’t it?! 

WIAW: 24 Weeks Pregnant


Went for old reliable for breakfast and ate two baked oatmeal squares topped with melty peanut butter. I also had coffee on the side but forgot to take a picture.

Snack 1:

Sliced an orange and sprinkled it with cinnamon. If you’ve never tried this before, you’re welcome. It will change your life. Another life changer? Cocoa or cacao powder on oranges!


I had some leftover tofu bacon but no bread left so I made two lettuce wraps out of them with tomato and a little vegan mayo. I also had some Late July Sriracha tortilla chips.

Snack 2:

A few hours later, I was really hungry again so I toasted up a gluten free everything bagel. I topped one half with vegan cream cheese and the other half with roasted garlic hummus. So good!


For dinner I made up some brown rice noodles with sauteed bell pepper and onion. I had about this portion plus another half sized one. 


I finished off some vegan cheesecake (thanks to my mother-in-law!) which I topped with cookies ‘n cream cashew milk ice cream. 

Favorite pasta add-ins? Favorite gluten free pasta?

Tell me in the comments below!

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27 thoughts on “WIAW: 24 Weeks Pregnant

    • Yes! Daiya makes a “New York Cheezecake” that’s frozen and you thaw it for a few horus and then you can eat it. It’s nice for when you don’t want to make it yourself! It’s coconut based but there’s no gluten or nuts or dairy in it! Perfect for people with allergies/intolerance!

  1. Eating at home feels like pure LUXURY when you are used to eating out of tupperwares. I put cinnamon on everything but have never even considering putting it on oranges! A strange but good combo I’m going to guess. I’m in a bagel phase right now. Yummmm.

  2. You know I’m drooling over all of this! Those baked oatmeal squares sound insanely good! I have never tried oranges with cinnamon- but that sounds fantastic. There is a cinnamon blood orange muffin a café by my mom’s home in Texas has that is out of this world- I don’t know why I’ve never tried simply putting cinnamon- like duh! Such a good combo! That vegan cheesecake still looks like the bombbbb. Pasta add ins- vegan bacon, cheese, and sundried tomatoes! YUM!

    • It was really good! I found it at my local grocery store in the non-dairy/specialty section. It’s the So Delicious brand.

  3. That melty peanut butter- what a delicious breakfast! I’ve never thought to add cinnamon to my oranges, and it does sound a little odd, but hey- don’t knock it till I try it! All of your meals sound absolutely delicious!

    Favorite pasta add-in: sundried tomatoes!

    • Thank you! I thought the cinnamon was weird too but was oddly craving it so I gave it a shot and boy was it good! 😀 Sundried tomatoes are delicious–I need to eat those more often!

  4. Really want your breakfast right now! My favorite pasta add in is probably olives… or sundried tomato… and cheese? But cheese doesn’t count because pasta should always have cheese- its just a given 😀

  5. I like how you seem to be able to use up all your leftovers and scraps of this and that–Makes me hungry for stale bread AND brackish water; With slim jim of course!

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