WIAW: Fallish Sunday

WIAW: Fallish Sunday

Happy Wednesday! This week has been going pretty good for me so far. The second week back from vacation seems to be treating me much better than last week. Today I’m sharing a day of eats for WIAW. I hope it gives you some new ideas and inspiration. I captured this on a random Sunday.



Vegan “sausage” patty, scrambled eggs with ketchup, and sweet potato bites (Alexia brand). The sweet potato bites are pretty good. I typically make my own potatoes but every once in a while its amazing to just pop frozen ones in the oven! No peeling,chopping,etc.


In case anyone is curious, this is the brand of the vegan sausage patties I used. I love these when I’m in the mood for a big old breakfast sandwich. The taste and texture is very similar to pork…without the meat! hooray!



Daniel and I stopped over my sister’s for a late lunch to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday. I had chili with hot sauce and a side salad with some random tortilla chips. Does anyone else love dipping tortilla chips in to their chili?! I also had some unpictured hummus and veggies. 



I put refried beans, salsa, and Daiya shreds on white corn tortillas and heated them for about 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I also reheated some leftover rice I had which I made with cilantro, roasted mushrooms, and chopped chilies. 



I had two of these beauts. These are the Immaculate Baking GF/Dairy free chocolate chip cookies I love. You flatten them on to a cookie sheet and bake them. That’s my kinda Sunday night baking! 😀 

Favorite chili topper? Would you rather cook or bake?

Tell me in the comments below!

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27 thoughts on “WIAW: Fallish Sunday

  1. Yum!! Now you have me craving chili! I have a great slow cooker recipe for sweet potato chili that you will love… I will share it soon! Also, I would much rather cook than bake because there is much less room for error. 🙂

  2. Oh heck yes dipping tortilla chips into chili… as long as theres a good layer of melty cheeeeeeeese to get in there as well. Oh man I love breakfast sausage patties, and I’ve had some vegan ones that are brilliant. I should try these! And I just bought a bag of frozen breakfast potatoes on sale and now I’m very excited to pop them in the oven for dinner.

    • Yeah, its almost like a chili dip when you do it like that! Enjoy your potatoes–those are a life saver when you dont have time!

  3. For me, chili is all about the cheese!! I grew up crumbling saltine crackers into my chili but now that Im GF thats a no-go. So just cheese now 🙂

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