WIAW: Good Eats & Entertainment

WIAW: Good Eats & Entertainment

Happy WIAW, friends! Today’s eats are from my date night with Daniel in the city. This year for Christmas, instead of gifts for each other, we bought two tickets to Les Miserables. We both grew up being involved with theater and still love to see shows together. This show was coming to Philadelphia, so I thought it would be a perfect January date. Here’s a day on my plate!

WIAW: Good Eats & Entertainment


I forgot to snap a photo of my breakfast, so here is a recycled oats picture. I pretty much ate the same thing anyway. Oats, cinnamon, nut butter, dairy free chocolate chips, all the good stuff! 


Leftovers from dinner the night before as per usual for lunch. This concoction was sauteed veggies: onion, butternut squash, and corn mixed with roasted sweet potatoes and re-fried beans all topped with a fried egg and salsa. Delicious! 


I had to go to the grocery store and we were super low in the snack department, so I found what I could. Settled on two pieces of GF toast (Schar brand) one with almond butter and ricemellow (vegan fluff) and the other with peanut butter and berry jam. It hit the spot.


For dinner, we headed in to the city to one of my favorite spots P.S. & Co.  This place features an entirely gluten free and vegan menu. Whether you want to chow down on a cheese board and some nachos or eat a burger and fries, you’ll find it to be 100% plant-based, 100% gluten free, and 100% delicious. The menu is seasonal too so when you go back, you’ll likely find some new delicious items to try. 


To start, we split the Imperial rolls which were out of this world. They came with a chili sesame oil dipping sauce which was equally delicious and the perfect amount of kick for the rolls. I would highly recommend trying these out if you go there.


I ordered the Tempeh “Bacon” Burger for my entree and decided to have Spicy Bay Fries as my side. The cheese on this burger was a russet potato cheese and I was shocked at how gooey and delicious it was. If anyone is skeptical of vegan food and vegan cheese, please give this place a whirl before you think it’s all disgusting. The burger itself was a really great meaty texture and I think if I gave it to a meat eater without telling them, they would find it delicious.

Daniel ordered the Salt Baked Cauliflower & “Meat”ball (mushroom balls) pizza which was also delicious. Definitely a fork and knife messy type of pizza, but really great. Sadly, we were behind schedule because it took us longer to drive in to the city than planned, so we weren’t able to get a dessert. In fact, we had to box up our entrees right after receiving them so we didn’t miss the show! I was so disappointed because their desserts are crazy and I was looking forward to ordering two things to try. Oh well, guess we have to go back! 🙂 

Entertainment Portion

Les Miserables was amazing! I thought everyone was so well cast and I loved everyone’s singing voice. Usually there’s one or two actors that I don’t like their voice or the way they play a character, this was not the case! I’m so glad we decided to purchase these tickets and have this extra time to enjoy this together. I’m already looking forward to whatever my next show is; it had been far too long! Every time I get a chance to see a show, I’m reminded of how much I love it. Like, I just get teary-eyed and constant chills, and just feel so happy to be a part of the show. I miss being in shows and dancing and singing, but it’s such a lovely way for me to feel a part of it again.

Best musical you’ve ever seen? Ever been to Philadelphia?

Tell me in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “WIAW: Good Eats & Entertainment

  1. That sounds like an amazing date night, and all your food looks great! I’m a musical theater junkie, and have seen so, so many amazing shows. It was always what I would choose to do for my birthday instead of a party. Les Miserables is an AMAZING show, and the music is just so beautiful. My sisters and mom recently saw the road company in D.C. and they all cried. My favorite show I’ve seen is probably a tossup between Wicked, Rent, and The Fantasticks!

    • Didn’t know you were a musical theater junkie too! 🙂 Yes, I feel like I was just weeping the whole show haha! I haven’t seen Fantasticks before!

  2. Okkkk I am obsessed with this restaurant and haven’t even been. Good night, everything looks so darn delish!! I am gonna have to make a trip to PA ASAP (it is in PA, right?) to get my hands on those imperial rolls. I love your WIAW. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a good week and finding great time with your precious little one <3 I adore seeing your Insta stories and her little face melts my heart each time!

    • Yes! It’s in the city (Philadelphia) and I seriously wish I could go every day haha! Thank you–she definitely is a cutie!

  3. Oh I’m sooooooo happy you and Daniel got out to see a show. There’s just something so magical about those beautiful old theatres, and Yes, for someone with a history and love of performing, it’s so important to be able to re spark those feelings. Theatre is so special!

    And that restaurant sounds unreal. I’ve been all about the tempeh bacon. In burgers or wraps or salads… anything

    • Yes, we were both long overdue for a show! Also, yes I wish I could afford to eat breakfast lunch and dinner at this place for like a month straight haha!

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