WIAW Keeping it Simple

WIAW Keeping it Simple

Lately I’ve been really busy and as much as I love to cook, I just don’t have a lot of extra time during the work week. In order to keep with one of my August Goals  of attempting to keep my grocery bill lower, I’ve been keeping things pretty basic and delicious around here. Here’s a little sampling of recent and budget friendly eats!


keeping it simple bfast

Baked Oatmeal square topped with peanut butter. I forgot this was the morning I planned to photograph my food until after I had started eating this…hence the half eaten square. Can you really blame me though? It was 6:15am! I like to have this prepped for the week because all of the ingredients are healthy and very budget friendly. Not to mention it actually keeps me full longer than 30 minutes!


Keeping it simple lunch

Rather than buy separate lunch ingredients, I’ve been having dinner leftovers for my lunches at work. Today was brown rice pasta, marinara, spinach, lentils, bell pepper, corn and mushrooms sprinkled with nutritional yeast. I placed two large handfuls of spinach at the bottom of the tupperware container for extra greens. When I re-heat the pasta, the spinach wilts and its delicious.


Keeping it simple snack

My favorite simple snack at work is a quick granola bar. I love Larabars because their ingredients are so simple and delicious. I also find them more filling than other bars so they’re great for work. Today’s was Peanut Butter Cookie which is one of my faves!


Keeping it simple dinner

Another go to simple meal for me is fried rice. I simply saute and season vegetables of choice until soft, add in cooked rice, and drizzle with Tamari. I try to make 4-6 servings of it so that I have lunches and/or another dinner. This combo was tofu, rice, spinach, red onion, and mushroom seasoned with garlic, pepper, and curry powder. 


Keeping it simple dessert

A bowl of cereal with almond milk has become a simple dessert for me. I usually have a few boxes of cereal on hand and I always have almond milk, so it’s a nice sweet treat! Check out some of my current favorites in my GF Cereal Taste Test post! 

What’s your favorite simple meal? Favorite night time treat?

Tell me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “WIAW Keeping it Simple

  1. Mmmm Simple = Best, I always say. And leftovers are the world’s best lunch.
    Love your addition of ingredients you put in everything – like the corn in your pasta and curry powder in your fried rice! You are making me itch to get back to my own house and just put random collections of ingredients together for myself.
    What baked oatmeal recipe do you use?

    • Yes the random concoctions are the best!! I use the Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal recipe on Homebeccanomics.com but i dont add coconut or nots or pumpkin spice. Haha i use it as the base for my recipe and then add my own things!

  2. Love all the simple meals!! I could definitely not have cereal for dessert though. I tend to go a bit overboard on it and would probably eat more calories for dessert than for dinner 😉

  3. All these meals look good! This is how I eat all the time. Mainly because I’m too lazy to cook a lot! LOL Actually it’s probably because I eat something I like until I get tired of it and then I move on to something else. It’s just easy and cheap! I love cereal anytime!

  4. Cereal is a great night snack! I love honey nut Cheerios with almond milk. Sometimes I eat that before a morning workout.
    I will be back to baked oatmeal very soon once I’m in my internship. I’ve enjoyed my pancakes but you can’t beat the convenience of baked oatmeal!

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