WIAW: Monday Grumps

WIAW: Monday Grumps

Hello! Today I’m linking up to do my monthly WIAW post for a day of healthy and yummy eats. I hope you get some new recipe ideas and some healthy inspiration! Today’s post was captured on a typical Monday after a busy but awesome weekend. I was feeling the Monday Blues majorly this Monday. Ever just wake up in a mood? Everyone’s annoying you, work is lame, your work clothes are wrinkled, you slept too long….on and on and on… Well, that was me! 

Breakfast 6:30am

Breakfast grumps

While I was packing my lunch, Daniel made us an omelette with a slice of cooper sharp in the middle. I also toasted a cinnamon raisin GF bagel and had it with butter. I drank coffee with almond milk creamer.

Morning Snack 10:00am

Parfait Grumps

Sadly, I had less than half of this yogurt parfait before I had to rush off to a work meeting (which really added to the grumpy vibe of the day). Anyone else feel weird eating in a meeting? This parfait was plain Fage Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and Bare Naked GF granola with pepitas, cacao nibs and cashew butter. 

Lunch 12:00pm

Lunch Grumps

I was more than ready for my lunch break which did help to perk up my mood a bit. The sun was shining after two weeks of rain and chilly weather in PA, so it was nice to get outside for lunch. I had lettuce wraps with smoked turkey, tomato, pickle, and mustard. I also had an orange on the side which turned out to to be the world’s most delicious orange! Don’t you love when that happens?!

Post-Lunch Pick me up 12:45pm

Starbucks Grumps

Right after I ate lunch, I walked over to Starbucks for a much needed treat. I ordered a grande iced coffee with 1 pump of vanilla and coconut milk. It was delicious! 

Afternoon Snack 3:30pm

Parfait Grumps

Usually if I have coffee in the afternoon, I’m starving by this time. Anyone else get crazy hungry after having coffee? I finished out the parfait that I didn’t get to finish from the morning and it was quite satisfying! 

Dinner 7:15pm

Dinner Grumps

After a challenging cardio and abs workout, I showered and enjoyed this Korean-inspired dinner. It had rice, seaweed, kimchi, and chicken. Daniel was out working, so I decided to watch Chopped while I enjoyed it. Turned out really delicious and I’d definitely make it again!

Dessert 8:45pm

Brownie Grumps

On Mother’s Day I made gluten free brownies and luckily we had some left over. I enjoyed mine warmed up in the microwave with some peanut butter on top. So yummy! 

Although I started the day feeling grumpy and tired, I ended the day feeling like I accomplished a lot and got in a good workout. It also doesn’t hurt to end a grumpy day with peanut butter and chocolate…PLUS I got to Facetime with my niece so that always helps to cheer me up too 🙂 Hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed these eats. I’ll be back with another WIAW post next month!

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? What’s your favorite way to cheer yourself up? Do you feel weird eating during a meeting?

Tell me in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “WIAW: Monday Grumps

  1. Oh I think we all have these mornings. And I think they seem to come more frequently on Mondays. Some mornings I literally open my eyes and just feel like that day is going to be… “ugh”. But, surprisingly, this often turns around and it really can be mind over matter. I find that when I accept it is going to just be “one of those days,” that I can actually laugh my way through it, and usually it ends up being a lot better than anticipated. But some days are just …that. Getting in some exercise and ending the day with chocolate are sure fire ways to liven your mood and congratulate yourself for getting through it. Hope the days since have felt a bit nicer to you!
    That Korean dinner sounds amazing. I LOVE kimchi.

    • Yeah, I was definitely feeling a bit better as the day went on…especially once I was done the work day and was finally home! 🙂 Kimchi is so good! 🙂

  2. Love my iced coffees for pick me ups! Your yogurt parfait looks so yummy and colorful. If I have a blah day, I try to do something productive that will give me a sense of accomplishment, or even go for a walk/run. Usually the endorphins from exercise help 🙂

  3. I do have days like that when I everything bugs me for no reason. Usually a workout, run, or a long walk alone will help to improve my mood. Your yogurt looks delicious! And that dinner looks even better! I love your recipes!

  4. I hate those mornings when I feel like I am rushed! I’m glad your day got better.
    I’ve never made a Korean inspired lunch but now I want to! You should do a foodie Friday for that!

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