WIAW on my birthday!

WIAW on my birthday!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and a good start to the week. Didn’t get time to put together a post on Monday but today I’m here to have some WIAW fun! Today’s eats are from this past Sunday which happened to also be my 27th birthday! 

WIAW on my Birthday!


I can’t say my birthday morning started on a happy go lucky note. Aubrey was a bit fussy and then spit up on my pajamas. She eventually calmed down a bit after a sponge bath, diaper change, and some rocking. I then did a bunch of dishes and made breakfast. It was a little bit of a dose of reality of mom life rather than the typical birthdays of the past. Breakfast was an egg sandwich with ketchup, vegan cheese, and a side of watermelon. Coffee with vanilla coconut milk creamer on the side. I try to eat 95% plant based/vegan but I still enjoy eggs from time to time. 


I showered, put on an actual dress, real make up, and had my hair not in a messy bun for a lunch date with Daniel. My sister Holly graciously watched Aubrey for a couple of hours and Daniel and I walked to a local authentic Mexican restaurant for lunch. 

The decor of the place was so cute! The restaurant has outdoor seating, a private 2nd floor party room, and a cute main area decorated like a Mexican village. It’s the closest to a Mexican vacation I’m taking for a while, so I enjoyed it immensely! My favorite part of the decor was this cute fireplace. So cozy and homey!

We split chips and salsa verde which they bring out to the tables. For someone who can never enjoy the bread baskets at restaurants, this is amazing! 

For my main entree I ordered mushroom tacos with a side of beans and rice. Unfortunately they sprinkled the beans with cheese which I didn’t know, so I had to scrape it off to eat. It wasn’t too much though so I was able to have some of the beans. Daniel ordered cactus tacos and we split some of each. Everything was amazing! I’ll definitely be going back to try more. They have tons of vegan/vegetarian options as well as most everything being gluten free!

Also worth noting that I enjoyed a white sangria which was my first drink post-baby/post-pregnancy and my first drink in a year! Cheers to that!


I wasn’t able to have any of the desserts, so I stopped at the local vegan/gluten free bakery on the way home and got a coconut cream cinnamon bun and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. A few hours later, I enjoyed the cinnamon bun warmed up with some almond milk. So good!


Finished out the day by reheating this dish I made a few days prior. I had some vegan mushroom gravy and some vegetables that needed to be cooked, so I made this casserole type deal. Next time I need to double the gravy because the noodles soaked it all up and it’s now quite dry. Had some oatmeal bread on the side which my friend Katie made for me. So delicious! 

Year 27!

This past year was filled with so many stressful times. There has been so much change in my life and it’s been quite an adjustment. Being a mother has been really great so far but it hasn’t been without it’s really hard moments. I’m so grateful for my support system of friends and family which is the best gift I could ask for! Cheers to this year being filled with memory making with Aubrey and Daniel! Can’t wait to watch her grow and learn. My heart is so filled when I look at her little smiling face and I’m so honored to be her mama. 

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23 thoughts on “WIAW on my birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Heather! I’ve been thinking about you and Aubrey and hope things are going well! I’m glad you got some time to enjoy some mexican food – bummer about the cheese on your beans though. Enjoy your birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! Yay, you and Aubrey will be able to share Mom-Daughter birthday celebrations – they’re so close together!

    I KNEW you’d be getting yourself some tacos for your birthday. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t! Strange they put the cheese on without warning though. Glad it didn’t ruin the meal for you. And heck yes to the cinnamon bun!! I’m in full support of this decision.

    • I know! I’ll have to take advantage of the double birthday bashes for as long as they last…until she’s too cool for that nonsense haha! You know I had to get myself some tacos! 🙂

    • Thank you, Taylor! Hope you’re doing well–havent been able to catch up with your blog lately! Hope to catch up soon!

  3. That coconut cream cinnamon bun looks delicious, and I’m sorry your birthday didn’t start off on a really high note, but I’m thankful you have sweet family that could watch Aubrey while you enjoyed time out with your hubby. 🙂 Happy belated 27th!!! May God bless you and keep you with many more!

  4. Happy birthday, Heather! What a lovely day. The Mexican restaurant looks like a great spot. And although I don’t have to avoid gluten, I do love when restaurants offer chips and salsa. The crunch factor is always appreciated. That last paragraph is so honest and genuine. Aubrey is beautiful!

    • Thank you, Tara! It was a delicious little mental vacation from newborn life haha. Delicious and much needed for both mom and dad!

  5. happy belated birthday love! glad you got to be with the ones you love and enjoy a nice dessert. I am so glad you have had a great support system with taking on the new role of being a mom. I know you’re doing wonderful <3

    • Thanks, Brooklyn! Happy birthday to you too! Hope you had a wonderful day (and I hope you had some delicious food in there too!)

    • Thank you! The time with just him was much needed and we both felt more refreshed going in to the night after some time away!

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