WIAW: Rainy Sunday

WIAW: Rainy Sunday

Today I’m joining in on the WIAW fun and sharing a day of eats captured on Sunday. This particular day was chilly, rainy, and all around gloomy. Sunday also captures a full day of eats at 21 weeks pregnant. Onward to the food!

WIAW: Rainy Sunday (21 Weeks Pregnant)


I woke up absolutely starving so I wanted to make something hearty and savory. I decided on a veggie egg scramble with toast and coffee. This combo was sauteed onion, mushroom, and grape tomatoes with eggs and egg whites. I also had two pieces of GF toast. Un-pictured was my coffee with coconut milk creamer and some chocolate almond milk. 


After breakfast, we headed off to church and then had two stops to make on the way home. I grabbed a clementine from the Church coffee and snack hour before heading to two stores. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!


Reheated leftover tofu stir fry from a couple of dinners ago. This combo was mushrooms, onions, spinach, tofu, and shredded carrots in a spicy garlic sauce over a bed of cilantro coconut rice. I topped mine off with more sriracha because all I ever want these days is spicy foods!

I also had some gluten free shortbread cookies as a little something sweet after lunch. Do you ever feel like you need something sweet after eating something spicy?

Snack Again:

Mixed regular almonds with bbq almonds and had some grapes on the side. Lately I’ve been obsessed with super cold fruit! 


Brown rice pasta, sauteed carrots, mushrooms, spinach, olives, and shallots with a canned garden vegetable tomato sauce. Watched Captain America: Civil War with Daniel while eating.


I had some peanut butter zig zag soy milk ice cream and some cookies n cream cashew milk ice cream to finish out the day!

Ever have a 2 dessert day? Favorite non-dairy ice cream?

Tell me in the  comments below!

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20 thoughts on “WIAW: Rainy Sunday

  1. I feel the need for something sweet after…. Any meal. Seriously. Even if I don’t have time/room for a full dessert I usually pop in some sort of candy or small chocolate to suck on. It just isn’t finished without it!
    So many homemade good nourishing meals here. So good for you and the babes.

  2. I love your WIAW! This all looks so good- the stirfry particularly jumps out at me. Now I’m craving tofu! I find it so funny that you crave spicy foods while pregnant- how is that with acid reflux? My best friend that is pregnant and about the same time along as you says that is the worst for her right now! Thanks for sharing these yums with us!

    • Thank you! My acid reflux/heartburn is kind of off and on and nothing super severe so I’m just continuing onward with the spicy foods haha!

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