WIAW: A Sisterly Brunch

WIAW: A Sisterly Brunch

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a day on my plate from a couple of weeks ago. My sister Holly and I got together for a little sisterly brunch and enjoyed some yummy things!

WIAW: A Sisterly Brunch


Chocolate peanut butter overnight oats in an almost empty peanut butter jar for breakfast. Perfect for eating on the floor while Aubrey played with her toys. I had a mug of coffee and coconut milk creamer on the side.


Ordered a drink that was lemon, ginger, honey, and sparkling water. It was really yummy! Definitely a bit sweeter than I’m used to but a nice treat! Aubrey was jumping in the background 🙂 

My main lunch was a delicious sandwich on really great gluten free bread. The sandwich was lettuce, a fried egg, avocado, and a chipotle aioli sauce. The meal came with delicious french fries which were so great too!

We also stopped at a couple of stores and Aubrey was clearly pumped about the shopping! 


Dinner was a quick curry. I used a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and added them to coconut milk, curry paste, spices, tofu and rice. It was good! I love curry during the cold months. 

So that was a yummy day on my plate! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, friends! 

Favorite brunch item? Do you like spicy or sweet better? Curry fan?

Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Oh no I have some catch up to do!! It seems I haven’t been getting email notifications of your posts, as I usually always do. I will try re-subscribing and hope that fixes it…

    Excellent lunch choice. I’ve been all about the fries lately and those look thick and perrrrrfect.

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