WIAW: Sunday Funday

WIAW: Sunday Funday

Happy Wednesday! Today I’ll be sharing a day of eats with you for recipe ideas and healthy inspiration. These eats were captured last Sunday. Enjoy!



For breakfast I toasted a multi-grain gluten free bagel with vegan cream cheese, tomato slices, and cracked pepper. I really love the Go Veggie vegan cream cheese. It’s a coconut base and it’s really good! I also enjoyed some orange juice on the side. After breakfast, we headed off to church.




After church, we walked over to a restaurant for brunch. I ordered a vegetable omelette with spinach, onions, and bell pepper and topped it with salsa. I also had a fruit cup and breakfast potatoes. To drink, I had hot chocolate and water. After our lunch, we walked to the movie theater and saw Arrival. HIGHLY recommend this movie by the way. It was so so good! 



Once we got home from the movie, I had some gluten free pretzels with roasted garlic hummus. I love trying different hummus flavors, but sometimes I just love plain garlic hummus. What’s your favorite kind?



After a lazy afternoon, I was in no mood for fancy cooking. For dinner I boiled up some gluten free brown rice pasta and combined it with some sauteed onion and mixed greens. I made a little sauce up with tamari, cracked pepper, a little salt, and sriracha. 

Favorite hummus? Are you a hot chocolate fan? Brunch or lunch?

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “WIAW: Sunday Funday

    • Yeah, I’ve never met a hummus I didnt like! Did you try any pumpkin hummus this year? I havent! You should definitely make time to see Arrival I LOVED it!

  1. I miss the simplicity of a bagel and cream cheese. I used to eat them all the time in high school! Now that I am going sans gluten it is so much harder for me to buy them though. So dang expensive!

    • I know…I still buy them pretty often because I crave them. I think a pack of 5 was $5.50. Regular bread is around $7-8 per loaf….its crazy!

  2. What a gooooood day of eats. Hot chocolate? Absolutely. My favorite comfort drink to have in the evening – though having it with brunch would be magic.
    I love that you don’t scare away from “regular” foods even though you are gluten free/vegan. You still find your bagels and cream cheese (coconut based? I want to try this!) and pasta. I always feel sad when someone who has these food sensitivities feel they can never have these things again. Tomato and cream cheese is so good!

    • I feel sad when people say that too because there’s so many alternatives! I try and show that in this blog as much as possible. I want people who cant have gluten dairy or other things see that it can still be super delicious! Also, I dont want to live in a world where I cant have a bagel and cream cheese 😀

    • I used to prefer lunch over brunch and then I traveled and lived in South Korea for a time and they dont have “breakfast” foods and “lunch foods” its all the same. It made me miss breakfasty foods so now I eat them as often as possible haha!

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